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We design and create platforms and experiences in Virtual and Augmented spaces

VR & AR Courseware

It’s a matter of fact that immersive and active training, such as in VR, guarantees an higher level of engagement than traditional learning methods. Immerxive has developed a multilearner – multiteacher platform for training and competency assessment. The platform can be used over the Internet: trainers and trainees can collaborate at distance in a common virtual space, interacting to reach common goals. Information will be moving, not people. Heavy and complex Industrial machinery training, EHS, "what if" simulations: all of this in a shared virtual space and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. To discover how VR Training can help your Company accelerate and modernize processes have a look at some of the completed training courses in our gallery.

Marketing 4.0

“Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies". On the verge of this novel Industrial Revolution, how can Marketing evolve to anticipate and follow? A new paradigm is needed, VR and AR are the perfect tools to display products and ideas in conventions, company events and fairs. It does not matter how complex is your machinery or your product: an immersive experience can help to demo and illustrate your project while also positioning your Company in the innovator field. See for yourself how Marketing 4.0 can change your Company in our gallery.

VR Platfom

Immerxive has developed a software platform focused on secure AR/VR content and experiences distribution. Once you have your experiences or training courses developed those can be automatically installed and keep updated by the platform on the computers of your choosing. Using secure internet channels the Platform will give you the ability to to maintain an absolute control of your company information while still ensuring an easy deployment of your courses all over the world. The Platform enables the administrator to install and later grant or revoke the possibility to launch the VR experiences at the users/computer level and also to collect usage data analytics for later review.

Disruptive technologies have the power to change the way we live, just think about mobile phones. The mobile revolution will be nothing compared to what has to come. Virtual ad Augmented Reality have the potential to overcome all of the current technologies as a communication media, and also make most of the workplaces obsolete. In fact: who's going to need a desk a and a PC, when you will be able to work anywhere in the globe, collaborating in an augmented spaces with colleagues all over the world, all of this inside your glasses? For this particular reason Immerxive was founded: to provide support for this paradigm shift in communication, particularly for industries and companies looking to partecipate and lead the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution.



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Core Team




Unity senior programmer

Scripting of: VR physical interactions, UI logic, networking system

Senior 3D Real-time visual fx artist

environment lighting, materials and shaders editing, UI fx.

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